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Community interpreting

It’s harder to give a really precise definition of community interpreting than we might think at first. It is this form of interpretation that takes the interpreter to the most intimate areas of human life, places where ordinary people seek answers to their most secret and important problems.

Just a few of them: hospital, doctor’s office, asylum organizations, bank, court, prison, educational institutions, child protection, lawyer, police, document office.

Interpretation can be:

consecutive, chuchotage

Conference interpreting

Which is essentially the same as simultaneous interpretation. A form of interpretation used at lectures, conferences, large meetings, gatherings.

Interpretation is mainly: simultaneous

Escort interpreting

It is the most informal way of interpreting. In such cases, the interpreter accompanies a client who does not know the language of the country, or even an entire group, to different locations and helps them to communicate smoothly throughout their visit.

Interpretation can be: consecutive, liaison, chuchotage


Performance, workshop, and press conference interpreting

Although invisibility is an important asset at all times, these are the situations where it is really important for the interpreter to channel as smoothly as possible what is said to the audience as smoothly as possible.

In interpretation:

One needs to be able to “deploy” a whole mix of forms of interpretation and alternate them throughout the event: chuchotage, consecutive, simultaneous can all appear  at the same time.


Interpreting methods


The speaker (hopefully ...) pauses during his speech at certain intervals when I can translate what has been said so far. This is when I often take notes while listening to her/him.


... or as it is commonly known: conference interpreting. In fact, this is the form of interpretation that places the most serious demands on an interpreter, as in this case we translate simultaneously with the spoken text. This technique requires specific equipment, with the interpreter sitting in a soundproof booth and his audience following the translation through earphones.


That is how I interpret on meetings, or business negotiations. In such situations, I mediate back and forth between the parties, taking turns using one or the other of the languages of the negotiation.


Standing by the client, I only interpret privately for him. It may be ideal in a situation where only one or a small number of participants do not know the common language, such as at receptions, opening galas, or other protocol events.

common questions

Of course, if that’s the case, you can “jump in” an interpreting job, but that’s not ideal. Although we cultivate our interpreting languages at a high level, interpreters do not have all kind of special vocabularies or glossaries in their heads. The sooner I know about a request, the more thoroughly I can prepare for that special topic.

The more information the client can provide to the interpreter, the better. This can be any material related to the topic, because from these I can already dig into the task and its language.

I adjust my commission fee to the given task, as I always give a unique offer. We usually count on an hourly basis, and we also charge for standby time, and for travel hours on longer assignments The hourly rate starts at 40 euros, but this may vary depending on the interpreting method, language, direction, subject and urgency of the interpretation.

An interpreter does not need much equipment other than a pen and notepad unless you are interpreting simultaneously. In this case, ideally, interpreters are sitting in a soundproof booth, and are using an interpreter device to return the text simultaneously. In this case, the complete equipment is provided by the client, of course, some interpreters come with their own earphones … 🙂


Yes, I am ready to travel, in which case the commission fee (as travel costs, accommodation and travel time must be taken into account) is the subject of a separate agreement.

It always depends on the method of interpretation. For simultaneous interpretation, an interpreter can work at full concentration for a maximum of half an hour, after which she must pass the baton. That is why we only undertake these jobs in pairs. For consecutive types of interpreting, this time may be extended, but here too it is useful to give the interpreter a break every hour and a half when she can recharge and rest.

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