I never intended to become an interpreter.

Yet it is self-evident today that it is (also) my profession.

I grew up in Algeria, in a multilingual world.

I learned to read, write and count in French, and although I already spoke Hungarian at the time, my first, deepest impressions are all related to this language.

Early experiences, journeys, the permanence of change, the sense of simultaneous existence in many languages have thus inevitably become the core of everything I am today.

However, immediately after my first degree in economics in Hungary, I set out for a completely different world: I became a theater director. But I also worked as an editor in the television production company of Sándor Friderikusz, and even before that I danced and made choreographies on stage.

However, I never, for a single minute, stopped using my language skills, to which  another language, English has been added over the years.

So I interpreted everywhere and to everyone: artists, creators, television personalities, companies, and individuals alike.

Later I became more and more interested in this profession, and after many turns in my life, I wondered if I could make it in the interpreter booth, which I had only seen in movies until then.

Exciting and extremely inspiring new perspectives have opened up for me as a conference interpreter, and as a professional translator lately – in which fields I hope to be able to work for a long time to come.

Professional Credentials

Licenses & Certifications

  • French and Hungarian international economics


  • stage director


  • international bilingual conference interpreter 


  • translator

education background

  • College of Foreign Trade – francophone program


  • University of Theater and Film Arts


  • Budapest University of Technology,

    Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

    2019, 2023



Professional Experience

  • Friderikusz TV Production, Hungary – interpreting to artists and guests appearing on the TV shows


  • Interpreting at dance, acting and therapeutic workshops 


  • Community interpreting at police hearings, prison, tribunal, lawyers office or for banking operations.


  • Interpreting on press conferences


  • Interpreting at marriage and for statutory cohabitation agreements 

Areas Of Expertise